Belgravia Warranty

Cover all mechanical, electrical and components of your used car.

We offer different levels of cover, please contact us for a quote and further information of all our warranties. We can cover the following:

Parts Included:

All mechanical and electrical components are included against any mechanical breakdown during the warranty period, provided that the terms and conditions of the agreement are fully complied with. Refer to warranty schedule for conditions and exclusions.

In Addition

Component cover includes certain oil seals, working materials and casings. However excluded is the bodywork, paint, glass, trim, in-car entertainment, catalytic converters and other items as listed in the warranty schedule including wear and tear.

Transfer of Ownership

The benefit of your warranty agreement is transferable should you sell the vehicle to a private individual. This is subject to the terms and conditions as detailed in your warranty agreement.

The component cover is subject to the terms as described in the warranty agreement and are also subject to certain limitations in the maximum amount paid in the event of breakdown.

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